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Aesthetics: Microderm Abrasion

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive FDA approved alternative to laser and chemical peels for skin resurfacing. Using a spray of fine crystals, dead, pigmented and sun damaged skin is gently cleared away to reveal softer, youthful and radiant skin. Fine lines, uneven skin tones and acne scars become less pronounced. Furthermore, it enhances the penetration of therapeutic agents (medications for acne, etc.)

MicrodermAbrasion is safe for men and women, age 14 and above and for all skin types. It is typically performed on the face, neck, arms, and hands. There is no downtime after the treatment


Typical Results

Given below are “before” and “after” pictures of 4 treatments over a 8 week period.


What Skin conditions are treated?

MicrodermAbrasion successfully treats fine wrinkles, sun damaged, acne-prone and oily skin, White heads, Black heads, enlarged pores, superficial age spots, uneven skin tones, pregnancy mask, new stretch marks and scars.


Typical Treatment Plan

MicrodermAbrasion requires no precon-ditioning or anesthesia. The treatment leaves the skin clearer with a light pink blush. For significant improvement in texture and color, a series of 4 treatments over a 8 week period is suggested.

Results can be enhanced by combining the treatment with our Custom Chemical Peels.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the skill of the provider, the quality of crystals used, and the power rating of the instrument used. High-powered instruments and high-quality crystals are only available to medical professionals.


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