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Aesthetics: Medical Laser Treatments, Botox, and Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm)

Dr. Kotrappa has specially trained in aesthetics. Since 2004, she has helped patients realize their dreams of softer, smoother and younger looking skin. Treatments include Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing, Botox, and the use of Fillers. Having performed hundreds of procedures, you can rest assured that you will be under the best care available. .


All Skin Types

Treatments are available for all skin types and colors (fair to dark), for men and women ages 14 and up. To achieve your desired results quickly and safely, it is important to select the proper treatment program.


Please visit the various sections of the web site to learn more about the options available and call us to discuss your specific desires. At your first visit, we will suggest a detailed treatment plan.


Please call us to schedule your consultation.


Aesthetic Treatments

Laser Hair Removal   Botox/Restylane/Collagen Fillers
IPL/Vein Treatments   Microderm Abrasion
  Acne Therapy    

My Medicine

Dr. Kavitha Kotrappa, a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, leads a team of experienced and compassionate health care professionals to offer the best health care for your entire family. She has received numerous awards for quality of care and is one of the most respected physicians in the community. She has been practicing in the San Gabriel Valley area since 1996.

Julie Strohsahl, PA-C, is a well respected Certified Physician Assistant.

Our Patients

Adults and Entire Families.
Children as young as 6 months old

Our Treatments

Physicals, Well-women exams, well-child exams, Sports Physicals, Work-Physicals
Vaccinations, Immunizations, Flu Shots
Blood Tests - We have an inhouse lab for your convenience)
Skin Biopsy, Skin cancer exam
Aesthetics: Laser Hair Removal, Botox/Restylane, IPL
Joint injections, Arthritis
Kidney function, Diabetes maintenance
Cardiac Risk and Maintenance
Injuries (sports, work-place)

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